Why combine PPC and SEO

SEO and PPC are two different approaches but hey give really good results when combined together. You can understand both terms as two sides of the same coin. The basic purpose of both PPC Ads and SEO is to generate traffic and boost conversions. PPC and SEO both complement each other.

Now I will briefly discuss the usage and benefits of both PPC and SEO, then we will continue towards the combined benefits that we can achieve.


SEO is Search Engine Optimization which helps to bring forward your web results on the top display of Google’s search pages. The term used for that is SERPs i.e. Search Engine Result Page. So, SEO helps to bring your website to the top of the SERP.


Pay Per Click Ads are the type of ads that are used by marketers to promote their websites through ads. In PPC Ads, the conversion rate is measured. Conversion Rate is a measure of users that converted to your website by clicking the ad. The marketer pays according to the conversion rate through the ads. A fixed amount is dedicated that the marketer has to pay to the ads platform that depends on the number of conversions.

Benefits of merging:

If both PPC and SEO are combined together, the mergence can benefit beyond imagination. The impact of each approach used will be magnified. Let us see how they contribute to a better marketing approach.

  1. Visibility

The first benefit that can be reaped from the mergence is the increased visibility across the web. PPC Ads help to display messages across the web on the chosen platforms and SEO helps to maintain the top ranking.

People often tend to leave the PPC Ads behind once they achieve the top ranking through SEO on SERP. They need to realize that the top results displayed on any search engine’s result page include the PPC Ads too. So, the combination of PPC and SEO will provide both paid and organic traffic with an increase in the estimated amount of conversions.

  1. Better Performance Analysis

With the simultaneous performing PPC and SEO, you have rich data to analyze at the end of the day. You can easily differentiate which data is performing better than the other one and then re-frame your strategy accordingly.

Examine which platform is giving a high conversion rate and use that information to mold your strategy.

  1. Use PPC Ad Information as a Content Strategy

Both methods are inter-related. There is a high probability that what works for PPC Ads will work for the SEO too. The most beneficial thing about PPC ads is that they are quick and give results in a short span of time. You do not have to keep waiting for things to work. The thing about paid content can be a great beneficial testing tool.

You can test your hypothesis about the content ranking through PPC Ads and then apply them to the SEO for organic reach. PPC Ads provide a rich experience in meta tags, meta descriptions, title tags, etc.

  1. Linkage with Product Page

When it comes to e-commerce, Google is constantly testing and upgrading its tools to provide the best possible experience to e-marketers.

In PPC Ads, Google has made it possible to link the PPC Ad with that specific product page on its website. The user can easily buy that product with one click. Then click on the ad directly takes the user to the product page where all the information including reviews is given on that page.

  1. Use the Website’s Search Data

When users search any item on the search bar of your website, keep a track of that information. Provide information about the most searched keywords to the PPC Ads. That will help to increase the traffic too. This will help to dig out the insights of consumer’s needs and marketers can keep a good track of the market needs among the consumers.

  1. Combat Negative Remarks

There is a possibility that user have left negative remarks on your website about a product or service. In this case, when you will combine SEO and PPC what will happen?

There are chances that negative fame will flourish. What do you need to do in this case? Optimize the specific web-pages. Those web-pages should not include any negative remarks. You need to guide the conversion rate through positive visibility, it can also help in the negative fame control.

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